New release of belmont Hot Sandwich Maker

If you like a crispy sandwich, there is no reason to miss belmont newly released Hot Sandwich Maker. The thick aluminium body with optimal heat distribution makes sandwich brown perfect.   'Naughty Fish' and  'Campers in Sleeping-Bag' are right on different side of the bread. The non-stick cooking surfaces also make it easy to clean.  

熱爆日本的飛碟機 Hot sandwich maker 界又添一員!  belmont 首次推出的「睡袋親子. 百厭魚飛機碟」, 鋁合金內層有易潔塗層, 飛碟不會黏底, 上下層更可分體, 令整飛碟變成樂事! 當然是日本製造。