About belmont


   Founded in TSUBAME SANJO in 1999, belmont is dedicated at developing innovative and compact camping and fishing gears which utilize the highly-skilled metal processing technology in TSUBAME, the region well-known for its fine metal craftsmanship in Japan.  By applying  their own experience in encountering limitations in the wilderness, belmont's engineers come up with innovative solutions to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor. 

Outdoor Passion: Generation to Generation

   The brand story of belmont originated from the passion of a young man in Sanjo.  Its founder, a veteran mountaineer and camper, had worked as an outdoor gear engineer while camping boom was arising in Japan. At his age of retirement, his outdoor passion drove him  to launch his own original outdoor gear brand belmont.


   Now, belmont is led by the second generation, whose passion at hiking and camping was passed from his father and passed to his children as well. The founder, who takes a backseat as consultant, is still active at testing belmont's new product idea while enjoying his outdoor adventures. 


DUTCH IN DUTCH OVEN  is belmont's flagship cookware collaborated with Japanese KOL camper  Kosuzume




   Titanium, light and durable, is an ideal material for outdoor gear.
   belmont is particular about how the pure titanium metal is processed.  Instead of applying 'pressing' as the metalworking method, belmont adopts metal spinning, in which the whole metal object can be built by using one piece of metal sheet, leaving no wrinkles on the product.  It can keep the product from any chemical processing and maintain the original color of titanium as it is. 
   In manual metal spinning, the sensory perception of the craftsman, particularly the perception of the force transmitted through the roller, plays a significant role. Every piece of titanium product of is a combination of good material and Japanese craftsmanship belmont highly regards. 
   'We hope to develop more and more stylish, raw but functional gears for outdoor enthusiasts, across generations.' says the second generation of belmont.
To Make Outdoor More Enjoyable &  Fun