belmont peg hammer HK Ed. Oyako 睡袋親子營釘槌
【香港別注版】belmont Oyako Peg Hammer 睡袋親子營釘槌
belmont Oyako Peg Hammer 睡袋親子營釘槌

【香港別注版】belmont Oyako Peg Hammer 睡袋親子營釘槌

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  • Product Description

    • Unique hexagonal steel head  perfect for using on tent pegs no matter how hard the ground is
    • 16.7cm long  easy for packing
    • EVA non-slip plastic grip
    • A rope attached through the hole of the grip end can be used for peg pulling

    Material_18-8 stainless steel (head)/ EVA (grip)

    Length_16.7cm long (6.5cm/head)          

  • Weight_470g 

  • Country of orign_Japan